Heating Oil Leak in Garden

A large proportion of oil spills affect the garden areas within domestic properties and are due to problems relating to the oil storage tank, boiler or fuel transfer line within the property.

 When an escape of oil occurs the impacted areas such as patios, lawns, flower beds become contaminated and require remediation.

AES Marconi are specialists in oil spill remediation and are dedicated to delivering first class customer service.  Our specialist team are on hand to assess the damage and provide a comprehensive site survey.

In normal circumstances the insurance company will authorise for the remediation work to be carried out and AES Marconi will be on site within 10 working days to commence the work.  This stage of the process can be disruptive but our aim is to carry the work out as efficiently and safely as possible.  Our Customer Service team will be in contact with you at all times to provide you with updates on the progress of the work.

On completion of the remedial works AES Marconi carry out the validation of the excavated areas using an independent laboratory that test and verify the samples to ensure the remediation work has been successful.

Reinstatement of the site will then take place and the property left back to its original state before the spill occurred.

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