Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Leaks

Below we have given some of our most Frequently Asked Questions from our customers.

  • What causes oil pollution?

    The most common causes of oil leaks are:

    • Tank leaks and failures
    • Spills during deliveries
    • Spills from ancillary equipment (fill points, gauges, boiler, filters) and pipework
    • Theft and vandalism

  • Will the spill harm my health or my families' health?

    Oil does contain chemicals which can cause adverse effects to human health. This will largely be dependent upon the level in which you are exposed to and how long for. Where possible avoid direct contact with the oil, if you observe a smell or taint to the drinking water supply do not consume this liquid. If oily odours are present within your property this may lead to a feeling of nausea, headaches and dizziness. Keep your property well ventilated and contact AES Marconi immediately who can assess the level of impact and advise on appropriate measures.

  • What happens to oil when it enters the environment?

    There are many different types of oil which are composed of different chemicals, each reacting differently when entering the environment, be it soil or water. When an oil spill is first observed contact AES Marconi immediately who can undertake investigations to determine the extent of contamination impact and assess the risk posed to the environment.

  • Can the oil damage the foundations of my home?

    When oil is spilt it can often be found within the area of the foundations due to the presence of highly permeable materials imported during the construction process. If left untreated oil can impregnate the foundations and in extreme cases can require structural works. AES Marconi’s experience in domestic remediation allows us to draw on extensive knowledge to ensure the most effective remedial strategy is recommended.

  • Does the spill responder have to be accredited?

    There is currently no requirement for a spill responder to be accredited. However, accreditation schemes are in place, such as the International Spill Accreditation Association (ISAA). Using a company that is accredited under this scheme gives you the confidence that the company has invested in its staff, equipment and relevant systems and will have the appropriate insurance policies, waste management and remediation licenses. AES Marconi have been awarded the highest Level 3 Accreditation for Response and Management of Oil Spill Incidents that affect Groundwater and On Land.

  • Will I get a post clean up certificate?

    Following the completion of the remediation works AES Marconi submit samples to independent accredited laboratories to ensure that your property has been fully remediated. These form the basis of an Verification Report which outlines the works undertaken to return your property to a satisfactory environmental standard. This report will be supplied to you for your personal records.

  • What is the procedure in oil spillage remediation?

    Following the completion of investigation works a contamination assessment report would be provided detailing the proposed remediation strategy. Generally oil spill remediation is broken down into three phases:

    Excavation – this is the process by which the grossly contaminated material is removed from your property. This material is disposed of at an appropriately licenced waste management facility.

    Treatment – Due to high disposal costs and the requirement to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill areas of lower levels of contamination are treated in-situation. AES Marconi utilise the most up to date treatment technologies to minimise costs and timescales.

    Reinstatement – Following the successful remediation of the property the process of reinstatement is undertaken. This returns your property to its condition prior to the spillage event.

  • How much will it cost?

    The cost is largely dependent upon the severity of the oil spill and the volume of material impacted. Due to high landfill taxes the vast majority of remedial contracts are undertaken through home insurance companies. AES Marconi are a leading remedial contractor who undertake works for all major insurance companies. Our investigation reports are widely accepted and we can assist in providing the necessary information to your home insurance company.

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