Oil Spill Remediation

At AES Marconi, our team of experienced, reliable and well-trained engineers will act quickly to ensure the containment of any oil spills within your home or garden. Once we have been authorised to proceed with remediation work, we aim to be on site within 10 working days. We will always try to keep disruption to a absolute minimum whilst working at your property.

Our process has five main stages:

Step 1: Assessment

Every project begins with the completion of investigation works to assess the level of damage to the property and level of contamination. We will carry out a survey to determine the extent of the damage, and provide a full report detailing our recommendations for remediation. Following this report, we will consult with you to discuss our proposed clean-up strategy.

Step 2: Excavation

During this process, the grossly contaminated material is removed from your property and disposed of in an appropriate waste management facility.

Step 3: Treatment

Due to high disposal costs and the requirement to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill, areas with lower levels of contamination are treated on site. Our team is proficient in the use of the most up-to-date treatment technologies, which will minimise both costs and timescales.

Step 4: Reinstatement

Following the successful remediation of your property, we will reinstate your home to its original condition, prior to oil spillages.

Step 5: Certification

After our remediation works, AES Marconi will submit samples to independent, accredited laboratories, to ensure that your property has been successfully remediated, and that our works have been carried out in accordance with best practice.

The results of these samples will form the basis of our Verification Report, outlining the works undertaken to return your property to a satisfactory environmental standard. We will supply this report to you for your personal records.

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