Oil Leaks In Your House/Home

When an oil spill occurs in or under your home or in the foundations, it is important for homeowners to act quickly to minimise the long term impact it may have and can significantly limit the long term clean-up costs.

The source of the leak should be determined and leak stopped immediately, if it is safe to do so.  A large percentage of leaks can be stopped by calling a local plumber.  Where the spill has been significant containment measures such as a trench may be required. 

It is therefore important that you contact your insurer swiftly so that action can be taken.

AES Marconi work closely with all insurers throughout Ireland and are leaders in delivering excellent customer service.  Once notified we aim to be on site within 1-2 working days to carry out a comprehensive site survey and report on the damage.  Our findings can then be communicated to the insurance company for their review and approval.

Once AES Marconi have been authorised to proceed with remediation work we aim to be on site within 10 working days.   We try to keep disruption to a minimum whilst working at your property, however depending on the spill circumstances this sometimes can’t be avoided.

On completion of the remedial work we will supply you with a validation report and your property will be reinstated back to its original state.

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