Does Home Insurance Cover Oil Leak Damage?

When an oil spill occurs in your home it is important for homeowners to act quickly to minimise the long term impact it may have and can significantly limit the long term clean-up costs. Many home insurance policies will cover the remediation, or clean-up, process following an oil leak in your home or garden. However, the extent of cover will vary depending on your insurer. 

Before approving your remediation work, your insurer will require testing to assess the extent of the damage and determine works required. AES Marconi works closely with most insurers, and we aim to be on site within 1-2 working days to carry out a comprehensive site survey and report on the damage. We will provide a detailed report and quotation for any remedial work required, which can then be presented to them for review. Once AES Marconi has been authorised to proceed with remediation work, we aim to be on site within 10 working days.

Most claims are straightforward and the damage covered by your policy but should you require the assistance of a Loss Assessor to handle your claim, we have a panel of assessors that we can recommend to you.

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